About the Society for the Living Relief Organization (SLRO)


We are perhaps best known for our Food Bank which is one of the oldest food banks in Toronto.

The Society (SLRO) has been extending the free programs which it is offering to the public to include a range of activities for youth and seniors. They also offer general programs for computer literacy to help people use their computers to create resumes, learn Microsoft Office (MS Word, Excel). Having a better understanding of the internet allows people to search for and apply for jobs on line, buy and sell online (eg. Kijiji ) and search for accommodations and contact legal and government agencies.

If you are interested in any or the programs or interested in volunteering.... we can ALWAYS use a helping hand, please contact us at 416-746-0388.


Society for the Living Community Response

The Society has been extremely busy trying to meet community needs during the Covid-19 crisis. Our Food Bank locations are at the Oakdale Community Centre, 350 Grand Ravine Drive (Saturdays 10am to 12 noon) and at the Jane/Shepard Public Library (Thursdays 12:30pm to 2:30pm).

Our volunteers have been fantastic, braving both cold and hot days to help provide people in our community with food and other items such as masks. Though we were unable to have our traditional Christmas party in 2020 because of social distancing, we still managed to spread some Christmas cheer with presents as you can see in these pictures.

If you are interested in volunteering or helping by sponsoring us, please contact us at 416-746-0388.

If you are in need of food, please visit the foodbank website a SocietyForTheLivingFoodbank.com and download the application to register.


Society for the Living Christmas Party 2022


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Phone: 416-746-0388

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